The restaurant

cooked with love

Goodness is so close to home. Rose petals, a bowl of mascarpone, shallots, salt and all manner of fresh herbs. Sounds mad? It tastes fabulous. The ingredients for the rose-petal pastries with mascarpone filling come from our own garden or are sourced from farmers in the local area. Just as they do for our mushroom-filled basil pastries and our homemade juniper pasta with game ragout.

Opening times:
Lunch: From 12 to 2 pm
Dinner: From 7 to 9 pm (with reservation)
Closed on Tuesdays
Book at 0471 345147

Feeling peckish?
Main menu
Genuine cuisine with the best that nature has to offer: That’s how Chef Gerald Stampfl likes to cook. The result? A palate-teasing triumph of fresh herbs and delicate aromas, served with flowers, in a feast for both the eye and the stomach.
Gnocchi, Spinach “spaetzli” pasta and ravioli, dumplings with cheese, apricot or ricotta; Home-made culinary delights have a long tradition at the Hotel Lichtenstern. Anna Prieth Hohenegger, the grandmother of the hotel, invented most of the recipes herself: “She kept her recipes a closely-guarded secret for a long time, and only passed them on to us when she was getting on in years. Luckily, her passion and love for cooking and baking live on to this day,” says mother Rosalinde.
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