Picking vegetables

fresh from the garden

If you’re lucky, you’ll see her darting by. Early in the morning, when landlady of the hotel Barbara makes her way into the hotel, the guests peek curiously over her shoulder – her basket is overflowing with all that is good, in all colours and all sizes, with everything that her vegetable garden in Unterinn on the Ritten has to offer that day. From courgettes, tomatoes, endive and lamb’s lettuce to aubergines, Brussels sprouts, cress and cauliflower to cucumbers, leeks and celery topped with shining blackcurrants and raspberries. ”The basket is different every day; sometimes it’s full to overflowing, and sometimes it’s half-empty. Everything depends on the weather and the season,” says Barbara Hohenegger.
Alongside her vegetable garden in Unterinn, Barbara also tends the hotel’s own herb garden. An incredible variety of herbs grows there, from basil, rosemary, sage, thyme, parsley, mint and lemon balm to bay, nasturtium and the “Maggi herb,” lovage.
Hotel Lichtenstern ***s Family Hohenegger . Platter
Stella 8 . 39054 Soprabolzano . Renon . South Tyrol . Italy
Lunchtime: 12 - 14 pm . Evening: 7 - 9 pm (with reservation) . Closed on Tuesdays (except for hotel guests)
Daily from 10 am - 6 pm . Closed on Tuesdays
IMBISS (from mid-June)
Daily warm cuisine: 11:30 am - 6 pm . New: E-bike charging station . Closed on Mondays
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