The wonders of a good sweat

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Do yourself some good – sweat yourself healthy! Sauna sweating improves the circulation, cleanses the skin and stimulates the blood vessels, and a regular sauna session also strengthens the immune system and staves off colds. In our combi Finnish-Organic herb sauna, you can soother your body, spirit and soul. The sauna is open every day from 4 pm to 7 pm; on request, we will be happy to open it earlier.
The organic combi-sauna
Experience three different forms of sauna in one sole cabin. Our organic sauna is a combination of Finnish sauna, herbarium (gentle organic sauna with herb steam) and thermarium (gentle, dry, hot-air bath).

The steam bath
Sit back enveloped in a fine, misty cloud, and breathe in the hot steam. A steam bath is one of the best therapies to combat stress and tension, and helps to purify the body. The humidity of the steam bath reaches 100% at temperatures lower than 48°C.

The infrared cabin
At an air temperature of 30°C, a porcelain radiator filled with lava sand warms your back evenly and uniformly. The infrared cabin allows for intense heat penetration with no direct contact and intense, deep sweating, improving the circulation of the whole body.

The Finnish sauna
Hot, dry air reigns supreme in the Finnish sauna. The humidity is 10%, and the sauna can reach temperatures of up to 100%. Our Finnish sauna is located in the outdoor area beside the swimming pool - perfect for a refreshing dip after your sauna session.
3 Tips for healthy sauna sessions
The right preparation
Take a quick shower before every sauna session to open your pores and facilitate sweating. Important: Dry off well and don’t go into the sauna wet. This hinders sweating.

The right rhythm
Every sauna session should last no longer than 15 minutes. Two to three sauna sessions are perfect, with a break of 10 – 15 minutes between them to cool down in the fresh air or wind down on the comfortable loungers in the relaxation room.

The right amount
Saunas strengthen the immune system. If you’ve just been practicing sport, you should wait until your pulse slows down to resting rate before going into the sauna. Given that the body loses a lot of liquid when sweating, you should drink a lot of water after your final sauna.
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