Eating cake

the sweetest of all joys

It’s her morning ritual. At seven on the dot, Rosalinde Hohenegger steps into the kitchen. Lights on, radio on, oven on, and then she’s off and away! With a skilled hand, she quarters and cores the first apples. She slices them thinly, mixes them up with pine nuts, raisins, cinnamon and sugar and leaves them to rest for a while. In the meantime, she briskly rolls out the pastry until it’s thin as paper and soft as silk. Then she covers it over with the apple filling - as even as can be, not too much and not too little - dextrously rolls it all up, and pops it into the oven.
Rosalinde‘s apple strudel is famed far and wide, and is the perfect balance of fresh, sweet and juicy. That’s one of the reasons why she makes at least two a day. Then she has her five classics, which she bakes fresh every day for her guests. From creamy cheese cake to black forest gateau to Linz cake, she varies her baking repertoire according to the season. In autumn, chestnut cake takes the stage, and in summer the magnificently juicy apricot slices.
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